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College Coaching Legend & Former Texas Rangers
Roving Catching Instructor, Turtle Thomas, Reveals His...

Total A to Z Training System For Developing The Elite Modern Catcher

“The most advanced, in-depth catcher’s training program I’ve ever seen.”

Dear Coach or Parent,

If you’d like to know some proven ways to become a better catcher…or develop the elite catching skills you need to play at the next level...

And you’d like to do it without spending a small fortune on private lessons that cost you an arm and a leg…then this letter will show you how.

Here’s the story:

My name is Turtle Thomas

I’ve coached college baseball for 39 years with stops at Clemson, Georgia Tech, LSU, Miami, and Arizona State. I’ve been involved in more College World Series than any other active head coach, and I spent the last 7 seasons as the roving catching instructor in the Texas Ranger organization.

Here’s why this is important for you:

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my four decades as a coach, it’s that the game is always evolving. Also, the catcher position is rapidly changing as we speak (along with many parts of baseball player development).

Unless you keep up with the times…

You get left behind!

But here’s the problem:

There are very few places you can go to get quality, up-to-date instruction for catchers.

Maybe you’ve experienced this yourself.

For subjects like how to develop young players...what skills and mindsets they need...and the techniques to build elite catchers who can help teams win...

There’s a ton of “information” floating around…

But clear, straightforward, and RELIABLE advice you can trust is VERY hard to come by...

Worse, coaches are busier than ever.

They often wear multiple hats in their organization.

Which means they may not even give your son a second look.

(Or the personalized attention he needs)

And if they do, most don’t have the time or the resources to keep up on the latest in player development. But this only puts your son behind the starting block from the word go!

Bottom line:

A lack of top level coaching at the catcher position leads to many young, talented players “washing out” of promising careers.

So what can you do?

Private lessons are prohibitively expensive. And even then, who is your son learning from? How can you trust what a coach is telling him?

Maybe you don’t have the background to help him reach his potential and worry that other coaches or parents are doing more for their kid.

Maybe you’re seeing other players improve their skills and develop at a faster rate than your son.

Maybe you’re afraid he won’t get the guidance he needs to be successful.

If so, you’re not alone.

I’ve had thousands of conversations with parents over the years who share the same fears.

Baseball is my passion, and catching is my favorite part of the game. And from hosting youth baseball camps across the country, I know that kids are falling in love with the catcher position more and more!

(Who doesn’t want to look cool and play on the big screen like Yadier Molina?!)

But there’s a huge gap in the quality of training out there.

I finally decided to take everything I’ve learned over the years, and...

Distill that hard-won knowledge in simple ways so players and coaches can quickly level up.

My hope is more people in the baseball world will understand an important part of the game (the catcher position) at an incredibly high level.

So I recently spent some time with a camera crew.

During those sessions, I held nothing back as I revealed for the first time everything I know about building great catchers. From having the right focus, to key development drills, to game-prep and strategy…

I opened the “vault” and shared secrets that have made me one of the most sought after catching coaches in baseball.

The result is the only in-depth, “from the ground up” catching program for the 21st century player.

I call it TURTLE BALL 2.0.


It’s for any catcher, of any age, who wants to improve their skills...

And maybe even play college ball or turn pro one day.

No other course gives you, in simple terms, all the tools you need to build the ideal 2022 catcher starting from scratch like this one. 

Younger players will build skills they need to be successful.

And experienced players will learn advanced techniques that will let them play the catcher position at an entirely new level.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never coached a day in your life.

All you need to do is follow what I show you in the videos, which isn’t hard, put in the work and your son will be a better catcher as soon as his next game or practice.

You’ll be getting exclusive, cutting-edge drills on receiving, blocking, and throwing you’re simply not going to see anywhere else.

We’ll cover pitch calling, managing the game, pitch tracking and recognition, and how to use the tools, data, and technology available today.

I’ll “download” to your catcher’s brain the mindset and knowledge he needs to become a truly elite catcher in today’s world.

Best part?

In a moment I’ll tell you how you can…

Learn These Secrets At Absolutely NO RISK Even FREE, If You Choose

But first, here’s a “sneak preview” of what you’ll discover inside the course:

How to use the popular One-Knee Stance for maximum effect (This might be the most important change of the past few years. We’ll cover how to use it receiving, blocking and throwing)

Proven techniques for how to convert more balls into strikes (The #1 goal of any catcher is to ensure pitches that are strikes get called strikes. But if he can also sway a few of the ones that are close...this is the “slight edge” that helps win games!)

6 different stances a catcher can use during a game to better “frame” pitches< (This lets the umpire see what he needs to see to call more strikes)

A simple “laundry list” of catcher’s mistakes you must avoid to become a top catcher

The vital importance of manipulation when framing a pitch (Manipulation is used by almost every catcher in the game today. Catchers who get great at this can’t help but get their teams more runs!)

A common foot-position mistake most catchers make in the traditional secondary stance (His receiving, blocking, and throwing will all get better the minute he stops doing this)

A little-known secret for how to convert more balls to strikes on low pitches 

The J.T. Realmuto glove slide
(And how to use it today to get more strikes!)

Why having a good chest or upper ab “press” lets you manipulate a low pitch upward (And how to use this to let the umpire see those low pitches better)

Secret techniques -- for handling every kind of pitch -- that cripple your opponent’s offense

Three simple ways to improve visual concentration (The better you can see the pitch, the better your reaction time and your chances of making a great play)

Exactly how to set up when you have an opposite handed pitcher throwing inside

Three things every catcher must nail down on every single pitch (Miss even one of these, and you’ll expose the gaping hole in your game!)

What to work on when you only have 10-15 minutes (This simple philosophy has the power to transform your son’s game)

A complete breakdown of the 6 different types of gloves a catcher might use in practice (Including when and how to use each of them for maximum effect)

Secrets nobody told you about using analytics and data for catchers (You’ll discover the 5 major pieces of data analytic equipment…and how to use them to dominate the strike zone)

The one mistake even professional catchers make that almost always leads to the umpire calling “Ball!” (And the simple drill you can use today to avoid it)

3 reasons why machine receiving is overlooked by coaches (And how to produce amazing results in a few minutes per day with simple machine-receiving drills)

An “extreme velocity” drill that turns your catcher into a precision tracker of explosively thrown pitches!

Three series of dry blocking drills that create great movers (All good blockers have tremendous mobility in their hips, here’s how you can have it too)

The single, critical key to effective blocking
(HINT: it’s NOT body position!)

An eye-popping demonstration of live blocking drills that create big plays! (Watch your player take control in a game when it counts!)

The ‘how and why’ of the correct way to grip a baseball (The ball will leave his hands with power and speed, and arrive on target and on time)

Little-known “tricks” to prepare your catcher for almost any game situation (We touch on upper body for throwing to bases, lower body for throwing to bases, and more!)

Two overlooked drills for arm strength (Best part? Do these yourself, no throwing partner required!)

The critical importance of the backhand receiving position (If you want more calls to go your way you can’t afford to miss this one)

A 5-8 minute warm up routine used by 90% of elite catchers (If you can think about and practice these four things before a game, you’ll start every game ready to compete at a high level out of the gate.) 

Strength training drills to make a catcher’s receiving shoulder, wrist, forearm and hands stronger (PLUS…the low-cost training gear you’ll never want to train without!)

A “can’t miss” way to use your body to get more strikes called (The best catchers in the game all do this. Now you can too!)

But that’s not all. There’s more. A LOT more, including...

One thing you must do if you want to become an elite catcher…The single most important word for any player of any position…3 different methods of blocking from a one-knee stance… How to catch a high back/front breaking ball and bring it back down to the strike zone…Two weird but highly effective drills for elite blocking skills…3 mistakes a lot of catchers make with the glove arm when throwing…How to develop the mental visual focus you need for effective catching… An almost magic way to build reaction speed…and much, much more!

There’s just a SAMPLE of what you’ll find in TURTLE BALL 2.0.

The course is designed to demystify the catching position and make it easier to develop your catcher into an elite player. These are the EXACT secrets I use when coaching professional catchers... You won’t find them anywhere else.

There’s no theory or “fluff” in any of this either.

You’ll be getting in-depth, real-world training tools, techniques and strategies that are working right now, at the highest levels of the game.

So, how much does TURTLE BALL 2.0 cost?

Not nearly as much as you might think.

Especially when you consider some parents spend thousands of dollars each year and go into debt paying for expensive one-on-one coaching lessons.

But you don’t have to pay $1,000 today.

You don’t even need to pay $500.

TURTLE BALL 2.0 retails for just $197.

But if I hear from you today, I’ll send you the videos at the SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE of 197 $97.

That’s a drop in the bucket compared to what past attendees have paid to join one of our camps.

Plus, you can rest easy knowing you’re 100% protected by…


I’m known for being a straight shooter.

That’s why you can count on TURTLE BALL 2.0 being everything I promise and more.

But I can understand if you’re still skeptical.

So here’s what I’m willing to do:

Watch the videos for a FULL 60 DAYS and if you don’t think it’s the best catching instruction you’ve ever seen…if your son isn’t receiving, catching, and blocking better than ever…if in the next few weeks other parents and coaches aren’t pulling you aside to tell you what a great job you’ve done with your catcher…

Then simply send us an email and we’ll refund every penny you paid, no questions asked!

In this way, you risk nothing, and you could even learn these secrets for free, if that’s what you choose to do.

So you see, you have nothing to lose and your son has everything to gain.

But you can’t afford to dilly-dally.

This is a limited-time offer and the price WILL be going up soon.

Don’t wait!

Click the button below to order RIGHT NOW:

Ordering is easy, too (and takes less than five minutes)...

Simply enter your information and you’ll be sent a personalized login to INSTANTLY view all the course videos.

Which means you could be using these drills as soon as his next practice (even if it’s today)!

There isn’t a more in-depth training available for the modern catcher.

Players who are dedicated to mastering this position will be lining up to claim their spot.

Do you really want your son or players to take the field without these secrets?

Take action now.

Click the button below to secure your access to TURTLE BALL 2.0 at the special price before it’s too late:


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